To improve professional knowledge, the management quality and the service quality, GHM society would provide the related training courses for our members periodically. As part of the training program, we will modify content as needed to meet participant’s business objectives.




We will invite the professors and directors in the hospitality industry to hold the forums for our members. On the one hand, members can communicate and discuss with experts, on the other hand, forums can let members get closer to our society.



Famalization Tour

Famalization Tour is the direct and useful way to know the self-shortcoming and improve self-quality in a short time. We will organize members to visit the best hotels to learn about their management and operation mode.


業界訪問團(Famalization Tour)是一個可以在短時間內直接又有效地了解自己缺點和改善自身品質的方法。我們會組織會員去訪問最優秀的酒店去學習他們的管理和運作模式。

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