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GHM(Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao) Hotel General Managers Society
GHM Hotel General Managers Society which consists of persons acting as general manager or above, or the experts, who engaging in hospitality industry, is the nonprofit organization in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao. According to communicate with experts, promote the occupational quality, share the professional resources and develop the personal career, GHM society creates the values for every relevant industry, dedicates to promote hotel manager’s quality and management ability, and also advance the positive development of hospitality industry.

Depending on professional communication, improving career quality, professional resource sharing and developing personal career, creating values for general managers, aiming to improve hotel manager’s quality and management ability, uniting most of hotel professional managers, holding various exchange forums and training courses about hospitality management, our society wants to advance the positive development of hospitality industry. We would edit and publish magazines and periodicals about hospitality management to share various hotel managers ’experience about operating and management. Periodically, we also praise the professional managers making great contribution and achieving outstanding result in hospitality industry. We try the best to build up the professional manager's club which relates with friendship and professional spirit.  



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